...Openinig track "Ta mašina ubija fašiste" which takes its title from the famous Woody Guthrie declaration "This guitar kills fascists" is a blistering rocker written during the occupation of the faculty of Arts in Ljubljana 2011. it's followed by "Cat's Cradle Song", an acoustic setting of a lyric written by Scottish Victorian physicist James Clerk Maxwell, and an acapella performance of the traditional standard "Maids When You're Young Never Wed an Old Man". Both tracks are bright and playful and illustrate, perfectly, the duos incredible versatility as musicians. The album reaches sublime heights with two tracks featuring celebrated Indian violinist Sharat Chandra Shrivastrava. Particularly on the track "Venci", a reworking of a Slovenian folk song from Prekmurje region, the combination of European melody and exotic Eastern violin is beautifully stunning and will present dilemma of conscience hoping to pay nothing for the album on download.
(Eddie Cooney, R2 Mag, Continental Drift, Issue 62, p. 95)

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